Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Finn AT fanzine

For an "Adventure Time" fanzine I'm taking part in along other superb artists.
It'll be available in the next "Salón del Manga de Barcelona" (2013)

Jock Ross

Jock Ross. 
This was my first (and last) attempt to do a "better" coloring.
these are the first jocks

"NoNamedYet" character

This character is not developed at all...she doesn't even have a name yet.
The pencil sketch was the first design I did, based on the folktale "La ratita presumida". 
The one on the top doesn't look like a rat (what's supposed to be) at all ...but whatevs!


This was a work for class (in January) and my first attempt with 3D.
The aim was to learn how to use blender, and I did learn but I've already forgotten!
character: M.Taylor